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Eliminate Fear, Doubt & Frustration and Become Bulletproof


Bulletproof: adjective

ˈbo͝olət - pro͞of
  • Indisputable & unshakable ability to command & influence one's own business, life & environment at the highest level of power, strength & courage. 
  • ​Complete CAUSE over matter, energy, space & time. 
  • ​Unfuckwithable, invincible
  • ​Complete trust in your knowingness
  • ​Master Communicator

Discover How to Get Rid of Fear, Doubt & Frustration...
And Grow Your Business


Bulletproof 500 Club Case Study

Our students are removing fears, doubts & frustrations one by one... permanently.

"I was struggling with getting myself to do the things I know I needed to in my business.

I just followed the program and used the tools to remove over 500 units of charge. As a result, my confidence has skyrocketed and I'm seeing how to link my purpose and my business and it has brought me complete clarity from a business perspective.

I'm so grateful and blown away by how this program is structured - it's powerful, concise & straight to the point.

- Albi S.
Texas, USA

Case Study: Measurable Mindset

We've taken 50 "Stuck" Entrepreneurs through the brand new Bulletproof Entrepreneur coaching program...

We surveyed our 50 members upon joining the program and on day 30, 60 & 90 (of 90) in all of the following areas using a jotform (not verbally).

They rated themselves on a scale of 1-10 and shared their monthly revenue with us*

The negative numbers for Fear, Self-Doubt, Frustration & Emotional Ups & Downs represent a decrease in each of those categories. 

On days 30, 60 & 90 we surveyed them once again in the same categories - they did not reference their initial responses.

During the program, we focused solely on removing mental blocks, fears, doubts & frustrations using the proprietary tools & processes in this program.

We did not focus on any "business tactics or strategies".

This produced an average of 78.24% increase in average revenue among the participants.

*The Fear & Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Frustration & Emotional Ups & Downs categories were rated on a '10 being lowest' scale based on the scoring system we created. Here is a link to the 30-day jotform for reference. This data is based on 16 of the 32 submissions of the 30-day survey & 18 submissions of the 60-day survey.

More Case Studies

Our students are getting rid of fear, doubt & frustration

How Alyse went from 'Unclear' to 'On Fire' and her Biggest Month Ever

"I was struggling with clarity around my business direction.

I now have much more certainty in my business, communication and client situations due to the communication techniques John teaches.

It's so hard to find a mentor and coach that genuinely cares - and I can tell you really give a sh**!

I love being a part of this community - it's rare to find a group like this that feeds off each other and is truly there to support each other.

This entire program is presented in a way that is irrefutable and practical - it's a no-brainer.

This was a no-brainer for me. Just do it!

- Alyse G.

How Ryan went from 'Stressed' to 'Calm' adding $11k in Cash Just by 'Getting Out of His Own Way'

"My biggest struggle was being stressed out all day putting out fires and had mental blocks around really putting myself out there.

This program has allowed me to pinpoint the fact that the problem is actually me.

My certainty levels in how to handle anything has skyrocketed.

My staff has even made multiple comments around my new calm, relaxed demeanor. 

I had a fear that this was going to be another cloned copy of every other personal development program, but this totally exceeded my expectations.

The only reason you're on the fence is because you haven't cleared your fear yet! Jump in and grow!

- Ryan M.
Tennessee, USA

Who is John Whiting?

I grew up as a wildly disliked, frustrated with life, nobody wanted to be around me, I was confused and I was a mental mess. My parents sent me to psychiatrists… people were concerned. 

In 2012 after playing a few years of college and professional golf, I decided to commit myself to mastering my mind, learning all I could about it and being the best version of myself.

I’ve personally spent  well over 10,000 hours on personal and mental development programs and coaches and have studied dozens of philosophies and mental techniques.

Fast forward to today, I built a  large marketing agency that had 17 employees and over 400 clients and sold it in 2019. My education programs have served over 2,000 students. I’ve been featured in MSNBC, Fox Business, New York Times Weekly, Yahoo Finance and Thrive Global.

In the last few months, I’ve decided to take the best of the mental knowledge and processes I’ve learned - that have been 99% responsible for my life-turnaround and impact thousands of people - and share them with you!

Everything in life is governed by our mind - and feel that it’s the most important thing we can possibly master.

Hear from More of Our Students

Hear from some of our students...

How Kenneth went from 'Stuck' to his Biggest Revenue Month Ever without ANY "Tactics or Strategies"

"I was stuck in my business and had so much negativity, I knew I had a 7-Figure CEO inside of me and I just couldn't get it out...

The tools John gave us are so damn logical... immediately I saw why I was stuck and was able to remove the major blocks.

It just works - I feel like I can do anything now!
We now just had our best month in revenue ever - as a direct result of this mindset work.

I would have been so sad if I passed this program up!
It's truly amazing."

- Kenneth J.

How Justin went from 'Compare Mode' to Freeing his Mind

"I was honestly caught up in comparing myself with other entrepreneurs and it was causing anxiety.

After just 30 days in this program, I can honestly say my perspective on life and business has shifted dramatically and it's like my entire life just calmed down.

Now, even if something happens, it doesn't trigger me anymore.

I feel like a huge weight has been removed and it's allowed me to finally be truly comfortable in my business with my clients and my team.

This has honestly opened up a new reality in my life.

Send it! This will be the best investment you'll make in your life!

- Justin S.
San Diego, USA

Results from our Past Programs

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